21 April, 2017

Indeco – Hydraulic Breaker

Indeco Industries is the provider of HP 16000 & HP 25000 for Forage Dynami-Tech! [...]
13 July, 2012

Project: Blasting & Drilling

Wind Turbine Massif-du-SuD For Construction Renewable energies75 wind turbine in 1 year http://www.edf-en.ca/massif-du-sud [...]
13 July, 2012

New equipments

Two hydraulic breaker Indeco HP16000 These equipment give to Forage Dynami-Tech the opportunity to breaking rock where blasting can’t. [...]

Forage Dynami-Tech in short:

  • Blasting in residential and commercial areas
  • Blasting for roads, sewers and aqueducts
  • Blasting in agricultural areas and forests
  • Specialized in blasting for:
  • artesian wells, within existing buildings, underground, agricultural drainage systems and ski slopes
  • Drilling from 1 inch to 8 inches
  • Drilling for anchors and for injection
  • Demolition by explosives : concrete, wood, structures, bridge piers, elevators, silos and river obstructions.
  • Dynamic and qualified crew
  • State of the art equipment
  • Liability insurance, according to your requirements
  • Federal and provincial permits for all regions


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