Forage Dynami-Tech is composed of professionals with a diverse and complementary experience. All executives, project managers, drillers and blasters work together in perfect harmony with a single goal: customer satisfaction.

Communication, safety and efficiency characterize each intervention. Our expert teams spread over different projects have a reputation for “delivering the goods” and that, in the greatest respect for budgets and deadlines.

Forage Dynami-Tech has never hesitated to purchase modern and robust equipment to carry out the entrusted work rapidly and effectively. Forage Dynami-Tech is known for owning and operating a fleet of vehicles and drilling equipment with a wide variety on the cutting edge. Drills operated by Forage Dynami-Tech are tailored to each assignment, whether small or large, and located in urban, industrial or rural areas.

The philosophy of Forage Dynami-Tech interventions is based on “tough” and fast in the field through highly productive equipment.

Achieve more and better in less time!